Sunday 10th October at 11am

Lay led Service


Sunday 24th October

Holy Communion



There is an online service every Sunday at 9.30am.

Please go to the Carlford website for details.

If you need more information please go to the Dioscesan website




Bell Ringing

Please contact David Stanford on 07711683792 for details.

New ringers very welcome




Signpost & Grapevine


Click here for copies of the Church Times and Grapevine

2020 Grapevine Signpost  
January Go   Go  
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March Go   Go  
April  Go  Go  
May Go  
June  x Go   
July  x Go   
August  x  Go  
September  x Go  
October  x  Go  
November  x Go   
December  x Go   
2021 Grapevine Signpost  
January x    
February  x Go   
March   Go   
April   Go   
 May   Go   
June     Go  
July   Go  
August   Go  
September   Go  
October   Go   

 To download copies of Signpost and Grapevine from previous years click on the links below

  Grapevine Signpost
2019  Go Go
2018  Go Go
2017 Go Go
2016 Go Go
2015 Go Go
2014 Go Go
2013 Go
2012 Go