We have two services each month.

11am on the second Sunday is a Lay Led Morning Service

9.30 on the fourth Sunday is Holy Communion


We invite you to join us for tea, coffee and cake after the services.

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Bell Ringing

Please contact David Stanford on 07711683792 for details.

New ringers very welcome




1861 Census


Recorded in the 1861 census are about 83 households. To download a copy of the census transcript click here.

Parts of the transcript are recorded below - for full details about all the people in the village in 1861 please download the transcript above.

M          F
1 Cottage House John  Adams H Mar 65 Ag Lab
Susan  Adams W Mar 65
Joseph  Adams Son Unmar 22
2 Farm House Joseph  Burch H Mar 60 Farmer
Mary  Burch W Mar 66 Farmer's Wife
John  Burch Son Mar 30 Farmer's Son
Miria  Burch Wife to Son Mar 33 Farmer's Son's Wife
Henry  Burch Son Unmar 24 Farmer's Son
Susan  Burch Gdau 1
Elizabeth  Jasper* Visitor Widow 71 Fundholder
3 Farm House William  Birch Head Mar 38 Farmer
Hanah  Birch Wife Mar 33 Farmer's Wife
4 Farm House James  Birch Head Mar 32 Farmer
Maria  Birch Wife Mar 30 Farmer's Wife
Maryann  Birch Dau 9 Scholar
Emily Ann  Birch Dau 7 Scholar
Esther Ann  Birch Dau 6 Scholar
Sarah Ann  Birch Dau 4 Scholar
Joseph  Birch Son 3 Scholar
Joanna  Birch Dau 2
Myra  Birch Dau 9mths
5 Cottage House James  Burrows Head Widower 52 Ag Lab
Emmar  Burrows Dau Unmar 25 Housekeeper
Asa  Burrows Son Unmar 18 Ag Lab
James  Burrows Son Unmar 16 Ag Lab
Henery Baker Boarder Unmar 26 Ag Lab
6 John Broom Head Mar 39 Ag Lab
Eliza  Broom Wife Mar 33
Henery Broom Son Unmar 10 Scholar
Susan  Broom Dau 9 Scholar
Johe* Broom Son 4
Ephram* Broom Son 2
Gisnel* Broom Son 11mths
7 Jeremiah Broom Head Mar 57 Ag Lab
Ann Broom Wife Mar 50
William Broom Son Unmar 19 Carpenter
Joseph Broom Son Unmar 17 Ag Lab
Asa  Broom Son Unmar 12 Scholar
Peter Broom Son 10 Scholar
8 Michael  Broom Head Mar 46 Ag Lab
Sarah Broom Wife Mar 46
Eliza  Broom Dau 11
Sarah Ann Broom Dau 10mths
9 Farm House Jonathan Boon Head Mar 32 Farmer 3 men 1 boy
Susan Boon Wife Mar 33
Georgee Edward Boon Son 3
James Boon Son 1
Albert Boon Son 4mths
Eliza  Wright Servant Unmar 14 House Servant
10 Job Broom Head Mar 65 Ag Lab
Elizabeth Broom Wife Mar 72
11 David Bennett Head Widower 53 Ag Lab
John Bennett Son Unmar 21 Ag Lab
Joseph Bennett Son Unmar 18 Ag Lab
Mary Ann Bennett Dau Unmar 12
12 Wiliam Bennett Head Mar 58 Ag Lab
Mary Bennett Wife Mar 55
Henery  Nunn Boarder 7
Susan Nunn Visitor Widow 83
Emely* Button Visitor Unmar 18 Mantlemaker
13 Thomas Baker Head Mar 59 Ag Lab
Hanah Baker Wife Mar 55
Ann Baker Dau Unmar 22
Thomas Baker Son Unmar 19
Walter Baker Son Unmar 13 Scholar
14 Cottage House Joseph Barter* Head Mar 71 Ag Lab
Susan Barter* Wife Mar 78
Eliza Barter* Daur Unmar 32
15 Cottage House James Bird Head Mar 48 Ag Lab
Luiser* Bird Wife Mar 43
Arthur Bird Son 14
Eliza Bird Daur 8
16 Daniel Bird Head Mar 54 Ag Lab
Jane Bird Wife Mar 52
Daniel Bird Son Unmar 17
James Bird Son Unmar 11
16* David Bird Son Mar 22
Fanny Bird Wife Mar 25
17 John Burrows Head Mar 48
Martha Burrows Wife Mar 46
Robert Burrows Son Unmar 24
Martha Burrows Daur Unmar 21 Dressmaker
Albert Burrows Son Unmar 18 Carter
John Burrows Son Unmar 15 Carter
Mary Ann Burrows Dau 11 Scholar
John  Croxton* Father-in-law Widower 77 Ag Lab
18 Robert Bennett Head Mar 24 Ag Lab
Maria Bennett Wife Mar 26
William Bennett Son 1
Charles Bennett Son 7mths
19 Farm House John Catt Head Mar 58 Farmer 4 men 2 boys
Mary Ann Catt Wife Mar 48
William Catt Son Unmar 21
Fanny* King* Mother-in-law Widow 86 Fundholder
Blomy* Davey Servant Unmar 14 Dairy Servant
20 Farm House Thomas Churchyard Head Mar 36 Farmer 3 men
Elizabeth Churchyard Wife Mar 26
Harriett Goldsmith Servant Unmar 17 House Servant
Charles Churchyard 2days
Ann Lankester Nurse Mar 46 Nurse
21 Farm House Lionel Chapman Head Mar 44 Farmer 3 men
Eloner* Chapman Wife Mar 40
Nathaniel Chapman Son 12
Anna Chapman Dau 10
Lionel Chapman Son 8
Anne Finbow Servant Unmar 20 Dairy Servant
22 Shoe Shop James Crapnell Head Mar 54 Shoemaker
Ann Crapnell Wife Mar 54
James Crapnell Boarder Unmar 27 Shoemaker
William Wright Boarder Unmar 18 Shoemaker
23 Grocers Shop Philip Cutting Head Unmar 29 Grocer
Anne Hammond Unmar 39 Housekeeper
David Wright Servant Unmar 15 Carter
24 Smiths House William Crapnell Head Mar 42 Smith
Jane Crapnell Wife Mar 39
William Crapnell Son 9
Jane Crapnell Dau 7
Mary Ann Crapnell Dau 4
Joseph Crapnell Son 1
William Crapnell Nephew Unmar 15
25 Cottage House William Coats* Head Mar 32 Ag Lab
Sarah Coats* Wife Mar 29
Carilone* Coats* Dau 9
Mary Ann Coats* Dau 6
Sarah Ann Coats* Dau 1
George Coats* Son 10mths
26 Cottage House James Clowe Head Mar 67 Ag Lab
Debor Clowe Wife Mar 63
27 Cottage House John Copping Head Mar 34 Ag Lab
Mary  Copping Sister Mar 40 Housekeeper
William Copping Brother Mar 38 Road Man
28 Farm House Mary Catt Head Widow 64 Farmer's Widow
Mary Ann Broom Servant Unmar 21 House Servant
James  Pullham Nephew Unmar 29 Farming Bailiff
Mark Grayston Servant Unmar 16 Yard Man
29 Wheelwright's George Dowsing Head Mar 43 Wheelwright
House Charlotte Dowsing Wife Mar 43
Rosetta Dowsing Dau Unmar 18
Temple Dowsing Nephew Unmar 19 Wheelwright
30 Cottage House Thomas Dunnett Snr Head Mar 69 Ag Lab
Sarah Dunnett Wife Mar 68
31 Cottage House Thomas Dunnett Head Mar 39 Ag Lab
Charlott Dunnett Wife Mar 37
Farmer Dunnett Son 10 Scholar
Henery Dunnett Son 8 Scholar
Mary Ann Dunnett Dau 4 Scholar
Sarah Ann Dunnett Dau 6mth
32 Cottage House Francis Dunnett Head Widower 76
Charles Dunnett Grandson Unmar 14 Carter
33 Cottage House Joseph Dunnett Head Mar 50 Carter
Sarah Dunnett Wife Mar 43
William Dunnett Son Unmar 20
Betsey Dunnett Dau Unmar 13 Scholar
Hanah Dunnett Dau 10 Scholar
John Dunnett Son 7 Scholar
Joseph Dunnett Son 6 Scholar
Fanny Dunnett Dau 3
George Dunnett Son 4mth
34 Cottage House William Dunnett Head Mar 42 Pork Dealer
Elizabeth Dunnett Wife Mar 42
William Dunnett Son Unmar 14 Wheelwright
35 Cottage House Lionel Dunnett Head Mar 41 Ag Lab
Mary Ann Dunnett Wife Mar 37
David Dunnett Son Unmar 18 Carter
George Dunnett Son 14 Scholar
36 John Davy Head Mar 36 Ag Lab
Ann Davy Wife Mar 37
Mary Ann Davy Dau 12 Scholar
Alfred Davy Son 9 Scholar
John Davy Son 7 Scholar
Charlotte Davy Dau 3
Robert Davy Son 1
Sarah Davy Dau 1mth
37 William Davy Head Mar 55 Ag Lab
Harriett Davy Wife Mar 47
38 Farm House William Emerson Head Mar 44 Farming Bailiff
Emar Emerson Wife Mar 43
James Emerson Son Unmar 17 Team Man*
Arthur Emerson Son Unmar 13
William Emerson Son Unmar 10
Anne Emerson Dau 7 Scholar
Jane Emerson Dau 5 Scholar
Charles Emerson Son 3
Emar Emerson Dau 1
39 Cottage House James Finch Head Mar 38 Carter
Charity Davy Dau Unmar 18 Housekeeper
George Finch Son 11 Scholar
William Finch Son 8 Scholar
40 Cottage House William Finch Head Mar 34 Carter
Louisa Finch Wife Mar 34
Alfred Finch Son 6 Scholar
Mary Ann Finch Dau 2
41 Farm House Ephriam Friend Head Mar 38 Farming Bailiff
Emmar Friend Wife Mar 36
Mary Friend Dau Unmar 19
Henery Friend Son Unmar 14
Maria Friend Dau 13 Scholar
Emmer Friend Dau 9 Scholar
George Friend Son 5
Elizabeth Friend Dau 1
42 Farm House Francis Keeble Head Mar 40 Farmer
Mary Ann Keeble Wife Mar 35
William Wright Servant Unmar 20 Farm Servant
43 Farm House John King Head Mar 62 Farmer 1 man
Mary Elizabeth King Wife Mar 55
Martha King Dau Unmar 18
Elizabeth King Dau Unmar 16
44 Cottage House William Lankester Head Mar 32 Ag Lab
Mary Lankester Wife Mar 30
William Lankester Son 7
Aron Lankester Son 3
Charles Lankester Son 2
Elizabeth Lankester Dau 1
45 Cottage House James Lankester Head Mar 49 Ag Lab
Aron Lankester Son Unmar 23
46 Cottage House Anthony Lankester Head Mar 58 Ag Lab
Maria Lankester Wife Mar 58
47 Cottage House James Lankester Head Mar 28 Ag Lab
Sarah Ann Lankester Wife Mar 25
Jane Elizabeth Lankester Dau 3
Jemmima Lankester Dau 2
48 Cottage House John Lambert Head Mar 40 Horse Clipper
Mary Ann Lambert Wife 39
Elvinar Lambert Dau Unmar 14 Scholar
Edgar Lambert Son 9 Scholar
George Anna* Lambert Dau 7
Arthur Lambert Son 4
Chester Lambert Son 1
49 Cottage House Robert Moss Head Mar 28 Ag Lab
Emma Moss Wife Mar 27
Harriett Moss Dau 9
Eliza Moss Dau 4
Miria Moss Dau 2
Robert Moss Father Widower 70
50 Farm House Thomas Moulton Head Mar 31 Farmer 3 men
Eliza Ann Moulton Wife Mar 31
Thomas Moulton Son 1
Louisa Moulton Sister Unmar 15 Scholar
Hanah Tacon Servant Unmar 20 Dairy Servant
51 Cottage House John Newson Head Mar 60 Ag Lab
Hepsibeth Newson Wife Mar 59
Alfred Norris Grandson 10 Scholar
52 Cottage House John Newson Head Mar 35 Ag Lab
Emma Newson Wife Mar 34
Emley Newson Dau 8 Scholar
Amear* Newson Dau 7
William Newson Son 4
John Newson Son 1
53 Cottage House David Nunn Head Mar 46 Ag Lab
Ellen Nunn Wife Mar 25
Robert Hall Son 3
Arthur Hall Son 11m
54 Cottage House John Broom Head Mar 32 Ag Lab
Mary Ann Broom Wife Mar 30
William Broom Son 10 Scholar
Fredrick Broom Son 7 Scholar
Isaac Broom Son 2
55 Cottage House Jacob Osborn Head Mar 41 Ag Lab
Eliza Osborn Wife Mar 41
John  Bloomfield Boarder Widower 52
56 Cottage House John Price Head Mar 57 Ag Lab
Jamima Price Wife Mar 58
57 Cottage House Robert Price Head Mar 47 Ag Lab
Ann Price Wife Mar 55
58 Cottage House Peter Pipe Head Mar 27 Carpenter
Rebeca Pipe Wife Mar 26
Henery Pipe Son 1
59 Beer House  Mary Pipe Head Widow 64 Beer House Keeper
  Crown Mary Ann Pipe Dau Unmar 26
James Pipe Son Mar 34 Wheelwright
60 Cottage House John Nolton Head Mar 70 Proprietor of Houses
Priscilla Nolton Wife Mar 66
61 Farm House Samuel Smith Head Mar 45 Farming Bailiff
Ann Smith Wife Mar 40
Ellen Smith Dau Unmar 17
Alfred Smith Son Unmar 11 Scholar
Miles Smith Son 9 Scholar
William Smith Son 7 Scholar
Emma Smith Dau 4
George Smith Son 2
John Smith Son 11m
62 Cottage House David Hazelwood Head Widower 55 Ag Lab
David Hazelwood Son Unmar 19 Ag Lab
George Woods Boarder Widower 82 Ag Lab
63 Cottage House Joseph Birch Head Mar 30 Ag Lab
Eliza Birch Wife Mar 25
Mary Ann Birch Dau 2
Henery Francis Birch Son 6m
64 Cottage House James Smith Head Widower 55
Martha Bowman Servant Unmar 56 Housekeeper
Bryant Smith Boarder Widower 85 Ag Lab
65 Farm House William Steel Head Mar 45 Farmer 3 men
Louisha* Steel Wife Mar 40
Wiliam Steel Nephew 4 Scholar
Sarah Last Servant Unmar 16 House Servant
66 Farm House William Steel Head Mar 33 Farmer 3 men
Ann W* Steel Wife Mar 35
Mary  Broom Servant Unmar 19 Dairy Servant
Nathaniel Bird Servant 15 Carter
67 Farm House Richard Steel Head Mar 43 Farmer 7 men 2 boys
Ann  Steel Wife Mar 48
Elizabeth Ann Steel Dau Unmar 16
William Dynks* Visitor Unmar 36 Stock Dealer
Lott Upston Servant 13 Stock Boy
68 Cottage House Charles Thorpe Head Mar 39 Ag Lab
Charlotte Thorpe Wife Mar 43
Charles Thorpe Son Unmar 16 Ag Lab
Charlotte Thorpe Dau 14
Abraham Thorpe Son 13 Scholar
George Thorpe Son 11 Scholar
Henery Thorpe Son 8
John Thorpe Son 7
William Thorpe Son 5
Philip Thorpe Son 3
Emma Thorpe Dau 1
69 * William Buckenham Boarder Unmar 27 Dealer
69 Farm House David Tye Head Mar 50 Farmer
Emily Tye Wife Mar 44
David Tye Son Unmar 20
Emily Tye Dau Unmar 15
Fred Tye Son 14
Ruth* Tye Son* 9
70 The Rectory G. W. Taylor Head Mar 37 Church Minister
Emily Jane Taylor Wife Mar 38
Matilda* Smith Servant Unmar 25 Cook
Ann Cuthbert Servant Unmar 16 House Servant
71 Farm House Thomas Todd Head Mar 76 Smallholder*
Jane Todd Wife Mar 66
Thomas Todd Grandson Unmar 16 Farming Steward
Elizabeth Bradley Servant Unmar 18 Dairy Servant
72 Farm House Thomas Todd Head Mar 42 Farmer 7 men 2 boys
Jane Todd Wife Mar 40
Sarah Ann Todd Dau Unmar 17
Charles Todd Son Unmar 14
Jane Todd Dau Unmar 12 Scholar
William Todd Son 10 Scholar
Charles Taylor Servant Unmar 26 Carter
Mary Ann Smith Servant Unmar 17 Dairy Servant
73 Farm House George Wright Head Mar 25 Farmer 2 men 1 boy
Eliza Ann Wright Wife Mar 27
Clara Day Servant Unmar 19 Dairy Servant
George Broom Servant Unmar 14 Stock Boy
74 Cottage House Wellington Weston Head Mar 40 Ag Lab
Mary Weston Wife Mar 31
Charlotte Weston Dau Unmar 11 Scholar
Emma Weston Dau Unmar 9 Scholar
Harriett Weston Dau Unmar 7 Scholar
Wellington Weston Son 6 Scholar
Fredrick Weston Son 3
Aron Weston Son 2
Walter Weston Son Unmar 19 Ag Lab
75 Cottage House James Wright Head Mar 51 Ag Lab
Mary Ann Wright Wife Mar 47
John Wright Son Unmar 24 Carter
George Wright Son Unmar 18 Carter
William Wright Son Unmar 17 Carter
Emma Wright Dau Unmar 15 Scholar
Aron Wright Son 13 Scholar
Clare Wright Dau 10 Scholar
Alfred Wright Son 7 Scholar
Ann Wright Dau 5 Scholar
76 Cottage House Francis Woods Head Mar 47 Ag Lab
Harriett Woods Wife Mar 45
Francis Woods Son Unmar 6
77 Cottage House Francis Woods Head Mar 49
Eliza Woods Wife Mar 46
John Woods Son Unmar 20 Ag Lab
George Woods Son Unmar 19 Ag Lab
Eliza Woods Dau 13 Scholar
78 Cottage House Charles Woods Head Mar 39 Carter
Emma Woods Wife Mar 35
Henery Woods Son Unmar 14 Carter
Eliza Woods Dau 12 Scholar
Honor Woods Dau 11 Scholar
Jane Woods Dau 1
79 Cottage House William Wright Head Widower 84 Ag Lab
80 Cottage House William Wright Head Widower 36 Ag Lab
William Wright Son 6 Scholar
Fredrick Wright Son 3 Scholar
Ellen Wright Sister Unmar 13 Housekeeper
81 Cottage House John Wright Head Mar 57 Ag Lab
Luca Wright Wife Mar 55
Hanah Wright Dau Unmar 34
Elijah Wright Son Unmar 26
Jonathan Nunn Boarder Unmar 16
82 Cottage House William Wright Head Mar 50 Ag Lab
Susan Wright Wife Mar 40
Jonathan Wright Son Unmar 12 Scholar
Peter Wright Son 8 Scholar
Nathan Wright Son 6 Scholar
James Wright Son 1
83 Farm House Sarah Watkins Head Widow 61 Farmer 250 acres           
   10 men 3 boys
Caroline Watkins Dau Unmar 25 Farmer's Daughter
Jane Watkins Dau Unmar 22 Farmer's Daughter
Phillis Elizabeth    Catt Granddau 3 Scholar
John Fayes Servant Mar 68 Farming Bailiff
Mary Fayes Servant Mar 53 Dairy Woman
84 Cottage House Benjamin Dunnett Head Mar 31 Ag Lab
Sarah Dunnett Wife Mar 30
Emma Dunnett Dau 9 Scholar
Charlotte Dunnett Dau 7 Scholar
Eliza Dunnett Dau 4 Scholar
Mary Ann Dunnett Dau 8 Scholar
Walter Dunnett Son 7m
85 Samuel Pooley Lodger Unmar 31 Ag Lab
86 John Pooley Lodger Widower 61 Ag Lab
Clopton Church